We're not collecting much in the way of identifying data, but we are collecting your IP address and - if you're willing to provide them, a city and email address. You're not required to fill out *any* information, so don't worry if you're not comfortable giving us something. We collect the IP address simply to identify where a vote came from - these will be discarded when we actually tally the results. Your email address will be added to a mailing list if we decide to move forward with the project, but you can ask to be removed from that list at any time and it will happen. The volume of mails will be low (likely not more than 1 a week as the planning progresses), and will only be related to the project this poll relates to. We will use the city and distance questions to identify what our optimal location area is for hosting this event. We're not intending to share any of this information outside of our project. The other details we collect entirely relate to our potential game setting and do not identify you.

We have no intent to share any of the data collected by this poll with any party who is not directly involved in planning this event. The collected data will never be sold under any circumstances.